ASIS Military Boats



Customized Military Inflatable Boats

The ASIS Military RIB's with Aluminium hull is purposely designed for the most rigorous environments and use. It has been built for the demanding professional users and intended to be robust and dependable.

All Boats are manufactured using a Marine grade Aluminium providing strength, durability and corrosion resistance that marine applications require.

ASIS Boats sees automated cutting as a fundamental tool in the search for quality and efficiency. Hence we use computer aided design and CNC cutting of boat parts.

ASIS proposes different propulsion options: single, twin or triple outboard or single or twin in-board jet or stern drive.



Overall Length

Fuel Capacity (Ltr)

Max. Payload (with crew, fuel & carryon load)

Recommended Power

Alum 6.5

6450 mm


1300 Kg

115 Hp

Alum 8.0

7800 mm


2150 Kg

225 Hp

Alum 9.5

9500 mm


3500 Kg

600 Hp

Alum 12.5

12500 mm


6800 Kg

900 Hp


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Inflatable Military Boats