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Military Inflatable Tender, manufactured by marine professionals, providing an Inflatable Tender, to ensure fast, safe and easy handling.

Inflatable TenderMilitary Inflatable Tender is usually thought of in terms surrounding the transport and service to passengers on a luxury yacht and ocean going liners for ship to shore transport and excursions to small islands while on ocean cruises. An Inflatable Tender services yacht passengers and is known as an Inflatable Tender', or a rigid-hulled inflatable boat.

Military Inflatable Tender are often rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIB) which features cushioned inflatable rubber inner tubes around its fiberglass hull that serves to protect the yacht when in close contact on the water. Other types of Military Inflatable Tender include inflatable boats, which are could be made of synthetic rubber or plastic and used as Military Inflatable Tender.

Naval and Military Institutions that launch operations from ships at sea use a number of purposes built Military Inflatable Tender for various reasons, these include the need to be able to follow up with in a small high powered two man craft for stealth, speed of launching and travel at sea or patrolling around the mother ship for security purposes.

Ships at sea may have a ships aboard which are tenders, these tenders would include Military Inflatable Tender for many specific operational purposes such as a Dive tender, to support the actions of divers who are conducting the security examination of ships before entering or leaving port or as a Naval Ship Tender used to send or pick up small parties.

Coast Guards are also users of a small Military Inflatable Tender for fast response to disasters at sea to locate the party in distress and directing the larger Rigid Inflatable Boats to the scene. There is also significant use of tenders to maintain and service buoys, navigational aids as well as lighthouse servicing and replenishing of supplies. 

Military Inflatable Tender are also constructed as center console boats, and include rigid inflatable boats (RIB's) which are usually constructed from materials such as fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum with inflatable synthetic rubber or plastic sponsons as well as multifunctional dinghies that have also recently become available as Military Inflatable Tender.
These unsinkable dinghies can be rowed, motored powered, or sailed, and they also function as proactive lifeboats. Military Inflatable Tender is usually powered by outboard motor engines or inboard engines using either petrol/gasoline or diesel. They use either propellers or more recently impellers as utilized by water jet boats.

Military Inflatable Tender like other types of ship's tender are often used commercially to transport supplies and personnel from the main ship to a point at sea to carry our tasks such as welding, delivery of workers or materials required to undertake work on the ocean, accordingly the tenders are used as to carry personnel or materials.

Many Naval vessels are built with stern garages to house tenders and other associated equipment including Powerful davits for launching heavy tenders to sea and retrieving them back from the sea onto the ship once the operation is completed.
There are many companies which specialize in the design, construction and distribution of Military Inflatable Tender. One of the more established, and well known, suppliers for production and semi production tenders include ASIS Military Boats with their range of Military Inflatable Tender starting at 2.8 metre model and progressing to 3.1 and 3.5 meter.

These tenders give a fast dry ride and are exceptionally high performance craft considering that higher performance engines can be used on these craft than would usually be considered. This tender is extremely light, easy to manhandle when required and disassembles easily for safe storage on board if required.

There is an increasing trend towards large custom tenders as landing craft and persuit boats being called for by Naval Establishment as there is a large established tender industry with Military Inflatable Tender in use by Coast Guard, Navy, and Security Services who need the services of such vessels in various sizes and configuerations.

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Military ribFor Military Inflatable Tender and a craft to meet your needs please feel free to visit the ASIS Military Boats site it will enable you to clearly understand the steps involved in the custom design process. This provider of Military Inflatable Tender is much more than a boat manufacturer and is keen to show you what it is that will put your Military Inflatable Tender in a league ahead of the rest.


Once you have chosen your Military Inflatable Tender, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to customise the boat to your requirements.