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Rib for Sale guides you to make the right decisions when buying a Military R.I.B for your operations or private collection. Our love affair with Rib’s, the working comfort and the working comfort provided by them are the reason to share our mutual passion in making a Rib for Sale search profitable.

There is nothing better than buying and benefiting from your Rib from day one without buyers’ remorse through a bad search in Rib for Sale.
Regardless of whether you are searching Rib for Sale to find details of a Recreational, Commercial or Military craft, you will find all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration in this article before making your important decision, in this, first section of this Rib for Sale article.

It will provide you with all the factors needed to make the most cost effective decision when choosing the boat best equipped to meet your specific needs.

Years of R.I.B Building, Research and customer feedback through Rib for Sale enables us to provide you with this comprehensive overview of the elements you need to consider when choosing a R.I.B. Because used Rib for Sale are globally advertised and we encourage you to seek the views of trusted and experienced R.I.B owners in your community, get feedback, input and opinions so that a Rib for Sale decision will be an informed decision.

Rib for Sale will also put you in touch with reputable distributors and manufacturers so before laying out large sums of money for a R.I.B it would be wise to take advice from qualified professionals to confirm or ratify your investment, this ensures that your money is well invested, giving you the greatest value and benefits possible for your investment, enabling you to effectively use information gained from Rib for Sale.

Just as the Hummer progressed from being solely available as a military combat vehicle that later became available to civilians, so has the well known military style rescue R.I.B become available to non military users, earning the R.I.B the reputation of being the “HUMMER of the SEA”.

Non Military users can now benefit from and enjoy the buoyancy, low centre of gravity and high power to weight ratio that was previously exclusively available to the military. Private and Commercial organisations are now able to own their own” HUMMER of the SEA”.

This extremely fast and safe sea craft is now seen in international waters, adequately undertaking the functions of harbour runabouts, rescue lifeboats on commercial vessels, tenders on luxury mega yachts, adventure craft on cruise liners, water sports, fishing, racing, cruise boats and patrolling coastal waters as well as carrying out rapid response rescue operations.

Category of listings, Military Rib for Sale.

A Directive issued by the ECC in June 1994 covers the design and construction of Ribs as identified in models of the Commercial Boat Category below, such as Work Boats, Heavy Duty Inflatable Boats, and the world renowned SOLAS Rescue Boat built for the Safety of Life at Sea. The Military Boat is included for numerous types of operations as well as rescuing persons or intervening while ships are under attack or in distress at sea.

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Standard Military Boats are available in three categories the first of which is branded the S-Series, available in 7 sizes from 4.4 metres to 9.8 metres, and manufactured for the “no-failure” zone applications where reliability and consistency are critical.
All Ribs are supplied with Military grade Hypalon, extra tough hull construction and interchangeable accessory options as well as optional armouring levels.

Inflatables are the next category in the Military series and are branded Ranger having 7 sizes which range from 2.8 metres to 6.0 metres. The ASIS Ranger was designed to carry out a number of different tasks in all kinds of problematic environments. It is tested to survive and endure all types of unforgiving conditions from extreme humidity and salt content to severe sun exposure. Moreover, it is impermeable to all types of chemicals and fuel.

Customised Solution is the final category and is available in the size that suits you best up to a maximum of 11 metres in length. The number of options in this series is limitless with a wide choice of variations and design possibilities that can be included. Customized Military Rigid Inflatable Boats are built to endure the rigors of challenging circumstances at sea while combining the elements of safety, quality, reliability and performance.

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For military purposes you will find both a wide range and the specific ASIS MILITARY BOAT to meet your requirements, it is certainly worth the time invested to make the most cost effective decision selecting from the comprehensive range available.

Once you have chosen your boat, you will then be able to choose from a range of optional extras to customise the boat to your needs.