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Standard Military Inflatable Boats

The Standard S Series Military Inflatable Boats are manufactured for the  “no-failure” zone applications where reliability and consistency are critical. All of ASIS S series Military Inflatable Boats are built tough to endure and perform in all circumstances. The S Series offers a standard range of purpose constructed RIBs starting with a 4.1m to a large 12m. All RIBs are supplied with Military grade Hypalon, extra tough hull construction and interchangeable accessory options as well as optional armoring levels.

ASIS Military Inflatable Boats have been designed through years and years of on water research and development along some of the most treacherous coast lines and sea conditions in the world. ASIS manufactures a full range of RIB’s for all military specifications and have supplied navies and Special Forces around the world. They can be used in the shallowest water depths, making them ideal as rapid deployment attack craft or river patrol craft where water depth can vary dramatically.

The ASIS Military Inflatable Boats have exceptional high load carrying capacity in excess of 1.5 tons, with the ability to run continuously at speeds of 100 km/h in 1m seas. The hull is scalloped, forcing the water to spray down onto itself, minimizing the boats drag whilst traveling at high speed and offering the driest ride in the industry keeping your personnel dry and comfortable to proceed with the mission properly.

The robust nature of military operations require exceptional performance from maritime craft; it is in this rigorous militry environment that ASIS boats truly excel. The surface effect hull enables the RIB to make high speed tactical turns even in rough sea conditions. Skilled boatmen can drive it hard in large waves without fear of submerging the bow. The design of the hull also provides a very dry boat as the spray from the concave chimes is thrown out at a low angle, keeping the crew dry.

The S Series boat is easy to maintain and remains a preferred choice of Navies and Armies worldwide.

ASIS is a solution provider for all of your mission specific needs. Because of our fully matured designs and rigorous testing program, we can go from your defined requirements to delivering your new boats in a very short time.

Please refer to our Service Section for more details on our standard design process.


Overall Length

Fuel Capacity (Ltr)

Max. Payload (with full fuel)

Recommended Power

Technical Specs.

S Series 5.1

5170 mm


1020 Kg

90 Hp


S Series 5.5

5370 mm


1190 Kg

90 Hp


S Series 6.5

6430 mm


1700 Kg

115 Hp


S Series 7.2

7060 mm


1870 Kg

150 Hp


S Series 8.0

7800 mm


2700 Kg

225 Hp


S Series 9.5

9500 mm


2950 Kg

250 Hp


S Series 12

11900 mm


2950 Kg

300 Hp



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